English Church Architecture.
C.P. Canfield 2024
PART 1.  A Detailed Description and Interpretation of 422 Church Buildings dating from the 7th to the 19th Centuries, and an Examination of some of the Connections between them.
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PART 2.  Research Thesis:  Success in Architectural Practice in Victorian England's Manufacturing Towns -
the Case of Mallinson and Healey of Bradford and Halifax, 1845-62.
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top row - East Harling (Norfolk); North Curry (Somerset); Grundisburgh (Suffolk);
middle row - Clun (Shropshire); Leighton Bromswold (Cambridgeshire); Coggeshall (Essex);
bottom row - Tattershall (Lincolnshire); Cirencester (Gloucestershire); Wentworth (Rotherham).

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