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English Church Architecture.



209 churches listed.  

The Local Government District Authority in which each church falls is given in parenthesis.




Acton, All Saints (Babergh)

Aldham, St. Mary (Babergh) 

Alpheton, St. Peter & St. Paul (Babergh)

Ashbocking, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)



Badingham, St. John the Baptist (Suffolk Coastal) 

Badley, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Badwell Ash, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Bardwell, St. Peter & St. Paul (St. Edmundsbury)

Barking, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Barnardiston, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Barningham, St. Andrew (St. Edmundsbury)

Barrow, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Barton Mills, St. Mary (Forest Heath)

Battisford, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Baylham, St. Peter (Mid Suffolk)

Bedingfield, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Bildeston, St. Mary Magdalene (Babergh)

Botesdale, Chapel of St. Botolph (Mid Suffolk)

Boxford, St. Mary (Babergh)

Boxted, Holy Trinity (Babergh)

Bradfield St. George, St. George (St. Edmundsbury)

Bramford, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Brent Eleigh, St. Mary (Babergh)

Brettenham, St. Mary (Babergh)

Brockley, St. Andrew (St. Edmundsbury)

Brome, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Brundish, St. Lawrence (Mid Suffolk) 

Bures, St. Mary (Babergh)

Burgate, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Burstall, St. Mary (Babergh) 


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Bury St. Edmunds, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Buxhall, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)


Cavendish, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Chelsworth, All Saints (Babergh)

Chevington, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Clare, St. Peter & St. Paul (St. Edmundsbury)

Cockfield, St. Peter (Babergh)

Coddenham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Coney Weston, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Cookley, St. Michael (Suffolk Coastal)

Cotton, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Cowlinge, St. Margaret (St. Edmundsbury)

Crowfield, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)


Dalham, St. Mary (Forest Heath)

Debenham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Denham, St. John the Baptist (Mid Suffolk)

Denston, St. Nicholas (St. Edmundsbury)

Drinkstone, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)


Earl Stonham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Edwardstone, St. Mary (Babergh)

Elmsett, St. Peter (Babergh)  

Elmswell, St. John the Baptist (Mid Suffolk)

Elveden, St. Andrew & St. Patrick (Forest Heath)

Eriswell, St. Lawrence (Forest Heath)

Eye, St. Peter & St. Paul (Mid Suffolk)

Eyke, All Saints (Suffolk Coastal)


Felsham, St. Peter (Mid Suffolk)

Finningham, St. Bartholomew (Mid Suffolk)

Flowton, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Fornham All Saints, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Fornham St. Martin, St. Martin (St. Edmundsbury)

Framsden, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Fressingfield, St. Peter & St. Paul (Mid Suffolk) 


Gazeley, All Saints (Forest Heath)

Gedding, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Gipping, Chapel of St. Nicholas (Mid Suffolk)

Glemsford, St. Mary (Babergh)

Gosbeck, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Great Ashfield, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Great Barton, Holy Innocents (St. Edmundsbury)

Great Blakenham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Great Bradley, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Great Bricett, St. Mary & St. Laurence (Mid Suffolk)

Great Finborough, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Great Livermore, St. Peter (St. Edmundsbury)

Great Waldingfield, St. Lawrence (Babergh)

Great Whelnetham, St. Thomas Becket (St. Edmundsbury)

Grundisburgh, St. Mary (Suffolk Coastal)  


Hadleigh, St. Mary (Babergh)

Harleston, St. Augustine (Mid Suffolk)

Hartest, All Saints (Babergh)

Haughley, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Hawkedon, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Hawstead, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Helmingham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Hemingstone, St. Gregory (Mid Suffolk)

Hengrave, Church of Reconciliation (St. Edmundsbury)

Henley, St. Peter (Mid Suffolk)

Hepworth, St. Peter (St. Edmundsbury)

Herringswell, St. Ethelbert (Forest Heath)

Hessett, St. Ethelbert (Mid Suffolk)

Higham, St. Stephen (Forest Heath)

Hinderclay, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Hitcham, All Saints (Babergh)

Holton St. Mary, St. Mary (Babergh)

Honington, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Hopton, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Horringer, St. Leonard (St. Edmundsbury)

Hoxne, St. Peter & St. Paul (Mid Suffolk)


Icklingham, All Saints (Forest Heath)

Icklingham, St. James (Forest Heath)

Ixworth, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Ixworth Thorpe, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)


Kedington, St. Peter & St. Paul (St. Edmundsbury)

Kelsale, St. Mary & St. Peter (Suffolk Coastal)

Kenton, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Kettlebaston, St. Mary (Babergh)


Lackford, St. Lawrence (St. Edmundsbury)

Lavenham, St. Peter & St. Paul (Babergh)

Lawshall, All Saints (Babergh)

Lidgate, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Lindsey, St. Peter (Babergh)

Little Bradley, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Little Saxham, St. Nicholas (St. Edmundsbury)

Little Stonham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Little Thurlow, St. Peter (St. Edmundsbury)

Little Waldingfield, St. Lawrence (Babergh)

Little Whelnetham, St. Mary Magdalene (St. Edmundsbury)

Long Melford, Holy Trinity (Babergh)


Market Weston, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Mellis, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Mendlesham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Mickfield, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Mildenhall, St. Mary (Forest Heath)

Monks Eleigh, St. Peter (Babergh) 

Moulton, St. Peter (Forest Heath)


Naughton, St. Mary (Babergh) 

Nayland, St. James (Babergh)

Nedging, St. Mary (Babergh)

Needham Market, St. John the Baptist (Mid Suffolk)

Nettlestead, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Newton, All Saints (Babergh)

Norton, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)


Oakley, St. Nicholas (Mid Suffolk)

Occold, St. Michael (Mid Suffolk)

Old Newton, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Orford, St. Bartholomew (Suffolk Coastal)

Ousden, St. Peter (St. Edmundsbury)


Pakenham, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Palgrave, St. Peter (Mid Suffolk)

Parham, St. Mary (Suffolk Coastal)  

Pettaugh, St. Catherine (Mid Suffolk)

Playford, St. Mary (Suffolk Coastal)

Polstead, St. Mary (Babergh)

Poslingford, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Preston St. Mary, St. Mary (Babergh)


Rattlesden, St. Nicholas (Mid Suffolk)

Redgrave, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Redlingfield, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Rickinghall Inferior, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Rickinghall Superior, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Ringshall, St. Katherine (Mid Suffolk)

Risby, St. Giles (St. Edmundsbury)

Rougham, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Rushbrooke, St. Nicholas (St. Edmundsbury)


Sapiston, St. Andrew (St. Edmundsbury)

Shelland, King Charles the Martyr (Mid Suffolk)

Shimpling, St. George (Babergh)

Somersham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Somerton, All Saints (Babergh)

Southolt, St. Margaret (Mid Suffolk)

Southwold, St. Edmund (Waveney)

Sproughton, All Saints (Babergh)

Stanningfield, St. Nicholas (St. Edmundsbury)

Stansfield, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Stanton, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Stanton, St. John the Baptist (St. Edmundsbury)

Stoke Ash, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Stoke-by-Clare, St. John the Baptist (St. Edmundsbury)

Stoke-by-Nayland, St. Mary (Babergh)

Stowlangtoft, St. George (Mid Suffolk)

Stowmarket, St. Peter & St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Stratford St. Mary, St. Mary (Babergh)

Stuston, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Sudbury, St. Gregory (Babergh)

Sudbury, St. Peter (Babergh)

Swilland, St. Mary (Suffolk Coastal)


Theberton, St. Peter (Suffolk Coastal) 

Thelnetham, St. Nicholas (St. Edmundsbury)

Thorndon, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Thornham Magna, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Thornham Parva, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Thrandeston, St. Margaret (Mid Suffolk)

Thurston, St. Peter (Mid Suffolk)

Tostock, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Troston, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)


Ufford, St. Mary (Suffolk Coastal)


Walsham-le-Willows, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Wattisfield, St. Margaret (Mid Suffolk)

Westhorpe, St. Margaret (Mid Suffolk)

West Stow, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Wetherden, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Wetheringsett, All Saints (Mid Suffolk)

Whatfield, St. Margaret (Babergh) 

Whepstead, St. Petronilla (St. Edmundsbury)

Wickhambrook, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Wickham Skeith, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Wingfield, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk) 

Winston, St. Andrew (Mid Suffolk)

Wissett, St. Andrew (Waveney)

Wissington, St. Mary (Babergh)

Withersfield, St. Mary (St. Edmundsbury)

Wixoe, St. Leonard (St. Edmundsbury)

Woolpit, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)

Wordwell, All Saints (St. Edmundsbury)

Worlington, All Saints (Forest Heath)

Wortham, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)


Yaxley, St. Mary (Mid Suffolk)